Being a quadruple-agent ultimately of the tale can be tough so I simply intended to include what I found up until now as well as additionally ask you ppl for some tips.

I want to maintain the video game in a state where I can quickly end up all the intrigue closings yet without obstructing me from any type of various other pursuit. Near completion yet not at a climax.

I did the primary mission approximately as well as consisting of "Synth Retention" (right after "Institutionalized") as well as had the minutemen assist me develop the teleporter.

I offered the holotapeinformation to sturges of the minutemen ("Inside work") as well as allow him provide it back to me. Then I had The Railway work with it and also utilized it in the mission to call their insideman ("Below ground Undercover") just to provide it to the BoS after I got in touch with Patriot (however did not end up the mission).

For the minutemen it is as straightforward as that. After "Inside Work" as well as having actually utilized their assistance for the teleporter in "The molecular degree", they leave me alone up until I complete the institude pursuits ("Mass blend"). They will certainly call me just afterwards and also it will certainly be Preston that will certainly provide me the mission, so I am great below, considering that he is not utilized for anything then these annoing random-repeat-quests.

No genuine defining moment right here. If you begin the "From the rankings" missions you began the minutemen end currently.

For the BoS the mission "Freedom Reprimed" is the climax. As quickly as you discover and also safeguard the bombs, Danse will certainly no more be readily available since he requires to be away for the "Blind dishonesty" mission). After completing that (last action is speaking with Senior Maxson) you will certainly not have the ability to talk with Proctor Ingram or Lancer Captain Kells any longer, given that they stand with each other as well as will certainly begin "Tactical Reasoning" (what will certainly make the railway intrigue an irreversible opponent right now). So not going to obtain the nukes is crucial below.

For railway the pursuit "Below ground Undercover" notes the climax. At one factor in this pursuit you require to obtain an old pre-war password from Cambridge Polymere laboratories and also afterwards you will certainly no more have the ability to communicate with Desdemona without beginning the lasts of synth disobedience within the institute. Also if you have actually not finished "mass blend" until now you will certainly obtain the railway course afterwards one later.

Currently for the institude I have no suggestion and also would certainly such as some tips.

Following for me is "The fight at Shelter Hillside" where I might notify the BoS and/or Railway or simply do what I was informed.

Any kind of tips on exactly how I can continue to not leave out any kind of intrigue?


PNR opportunities FO4 per intrigue

The Institute



The Fight at Shelter Hillside: (League of Steel is not yet shut out presently the railway is most likely for striking among their fts)Mass Fussion: (Video game alerts you that if you do this goal the League of Steel will certainly end up being aggressive and also hence be shut out)

The League of Steel



Tactical Reasoning: (approving this mission will certainly make the Railway Aggressive)Spoils of Battle: (approving this goal will certainly make the Institute Aggressive)

The Railway


Sorry women and also gents, however I have actually been incapable to map this via the questlines as explained on the wiki, likewise any type of and also all info has actually been extracted from the Results 4 wiki, this simply makes it small faster to see where a lot of the moment of truths are

I'm not entirely 100% on this.

I obtained another point to include.

If you end up "blind dishonesty" for the BoS and also do not speak with the captain, P.A.M. will certainly still not speak to you any longer, also when the remainder of the railway (also P.A.M.) does not transform aggressive. SO it is truly essential to quit prior to embracing the nukes there, unless you wan na take place.

For The railway, you can simply do tehir pursuit "below ground covert", however it will certainly modify the pursuit "mass combination" for the institute, transforming it versus them and also for the synth, so this will certainly not transform any kind of intrigue hostile however stop you from taking place in the institute's support.