Deep Dive is a Success Expert tale goal in Far Cry Renaissance. This walkthrough will certainly assist you with all goals of Deep Dive Key Mission. p br Fetch the Area KitFind a method outEscape the increasing waterRaise the water levelEscape the climbing waterRaise the water levelEscape the increasing waterRetrieve the Area KitTalk to Selene br Shedding Touch Beginning Place h2 far-cry-new-dawn-deep-dive p Get the Area Package h2 Most likely to The Inquisitor's Tomb and also you'll locate Selene standing beside a big opening, definitely going nuts. She desires you to get down and also obtain her area set, which includes every one of her collected natural herbs. Medical, I guarantee you. div style="text-align: center" div p Fall to the walk listed below, and also relocate completely around to the left to make sure that you can quickly leap to the system including the area package. p div style="text-align: center" far-cry-new-dawn-deep-dive p Or otherwise. div style="text-align: center" div p Discover an Escape h2 In the watery base of the shaft you can dive for some arbitrary products that have actually dropped in, however there's no place to go yet a corridor near the side of the water to the south. Comply with the waypoint right into the corridor. p div p Transform both shutoffs to the open setting to enhance the water stress when you get to the search area at the end of the corridor. p far-cry-new-dawn-deep-dive p This will certainly trigger the pipeline to ruptured and also flooding the passage with water. p div style="text-align: center" div p Retreat the Climbing Water h2 Run pull back the corridor which is swiftly loaded with water. Dive where essential to make it through doors, up until you're back generally shaft below Selene. p div p Elevate the Water Degree h2 The water degree generally shaft has actually climbed also, quiting just when you are degree with the following corridor to the west. Amusing coincidence, that. Adhere to the corridor throughout, eliminating some wild pet dogs along the road. div Ultimately you'll concern a factor where you will certainly need to swim undersea in order to continue. p div Dive in and also swim till you get to a ladder for Silo B to climb up out. See to it to utilize your sprint switch to make sure that you do not lack air. p div p On top of the ladder, experience a door to locate an additional stress shutoff. Transform it to the employment opportunity as well as you'll see a shutoff beginning to gush heavy steam. Though it radiates like it's intended to be interactive, there's no contextual timely if you come up to it. Due to the fact that you have to fire it, that's! p div p The stress will certainly start to construct as well as the cap on completion of the pipeline will certainly burn out, shattering with the door to the North. Get in the following area. p div style="text-align: center" p This area is a bit much more challenging than the last one. There are 5 pipelines with shutoffs in the space, every one of which are classified to suggest the instructions of water circulation in as well as out of a big upright water storage tank. p div style="text-align: center" div You intend to shut every shutoff that is leading out of the water container, as well as open every shutoff that is leading in. p div This will certainly trigger the stress in the water container to increase till it ruptureds. p div style="text-align: center" far-cry-new-dawn-deep-dive div p Getaway the Increasing Water h2 p Comply with the waypoint via a door and also right into an obstructed flow. There is a heap of scrap that you can not overcome till the water climbs high sufficient for you to swim in between the ceiling and also the scrap. Swim down the flow till you get to a pocket of air at a stumbling block. p div style="text-align: center" p Get on the barrels in the facility of the space, and also fire the beaming shutoff to the East, creating the pipeline cap to ruptured and also shatter unlock to the West. p imager_19_368_700.jpg" alt="*" p Adhere to the corridor up until you get to the major shaft once more. p Increase the Water Degree You can currently get to a ladder to the Northeast. Rise and also go into the corridor on top. Keep an eye out for serpents (as well as various other bigger animals) as you comply with the corridor to its end. p div When you ultimately get to the waypoint, transform the big shutoff as well as watch as all heck break out. Swim for your life! Run and/or swim right back to the door that leads back right into the major shaft. div Obtain the Area Package h2 p Now, the water will certainly have increased to the factor where you can obtain Selene's Area Package. div Speak with Selene Reverse and also rise that can currently be gotten to. Talk with Selene to complete the objective. div p This wraps up the "Deep Dive" major goal in Far Cry Renaissance. Selene likewise joins you as an Expert at Success which opens the Infirarmy (Wellness Upgrades). p & laquo; PrevFar Cry Renaissance Losing Touch WalkthroughNext »& raquo; Far Cry Renaissance Under Siege Walkthrough br Share br Tweet Shares 0 Submitted Under: Far Cry Renaissance, Video Game Guides Leave a Reply Terminate reply Your e-mail address will certainly not be released. 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