The Boosted Poultry Load gives you with all the devices to permit you to Feed, Water and also Type you poultries. With a very easy to comply with user interface this pack will certainly bring even more life to the Ranch Chickens.Option 1) Open Hen Pen: This little hen cage with troughs is created to be positioned simply inside your hen pen fencing line Sets off will certainly then be readily available outside the pen for the shipment of each trough type.Option 2) Fenced Poultry Pen: This is a self included pen created for usage on maps that do not have space for you to position the "Open Hen Pen" inside your poultries fencing line.Once positioned poultries will certainly currently need Food (barley, wheat or corn) and also water to enhance manufacturing over 0. (Food = 40% Manufacturing) (Water = 60% Manufacturing)Egg Installing (Basic) - This is the default laying design. Eggs will certainly show up in the Hen pen and also can be gotten as regular. Optimum eggs that will certainly show up is based upon variety of egg nodes.Chicken Reproduction - This setting permits you to reproduce your hens. Straw is needed to reproduce in addition to the above "Food" requirements.Egg Installing (Basket) - In this setting you pay your next-door neighbors kids a little cost to accumulate your eggs in the pen and also leave them in a basket for very easy collection on your own later on. When youhave a huge number of hens as there is no limitation to the basket capability as well as the collection procedure is simple, this is the ideal setting. To gather approach the "basket" as well as push the accumulate switch. Eggs will certainly currently be included in your knapsack as normal.This is a placeable only hen buy/sell factor. Much like the regular supplier this structure sustains both trailer distribution and also dealership shipment(Tiny cost per hen for distribution ). This trigger factor is much like the above"Hen Dealership "however no structure is consisted of. If called for, this permits positioning near your existing supplier. KEEP IN MIND: Do not position on top of existing trigger.Trigger Pens will certainly shut off as regular if this setup is used.This trigger is developed to be put at your hen pen and also is utilized to supply and also eliminate your poultries up for sale if needed. Trigger area is revealed by a tiny sign.NOTES: This manuscript established modifications the conventional poultry information. It is not advised that this is made use of with various other manuscripts that might likewise transform the "Hen Husbandry Information". PERIODS ALL SET: When utilized with Seasons your Hens will certainly pass away otherwise fed.The Boosted Hens manuscript collection can be consisted of straight right into your maps if you so wish.Placeable variations will certainly be handicapped as well as will certainly not be called for if the manuscript collection is developed in.Release Log: Variation: First release.Version: Update EnhancedChickens.lua to variation to various other pets, STRAW can currently be overfilled when included utilizing bundles. )2. Take care of arbitrary mistake when utilizing"Fenced Poultry Pen"with a Seasons GEO.