Additiocardonafam.coml Solutions

The adhering to additiocardonafam.coml solutions are readily available for FIcardonafam.comL dream XIV.To accessibility these solutions, please continue to the FIcardonafam.comL DREAM XIV: Mog Terminal.


Retainer Solution

Prior to utilizing the Retainer Solution, make certain to review the info at the FIcardonafam.comL DREAM XIV: Mog Terminal.(

Regarding the Retainer Solution

The Retainer Solution enables you to work with 3 or even more retainers.

Regarding Retainers

Retainers are handy NPCs that can be worked with by gamers to execute such jobs as keeping excess gil and also equipment, or offering undesirable products on the marketplaces. * Athletes need to finish the mission The Heirs of the Seventh Dawn prior to employing a retainer.

Your FIcardonafam.comL DREAM XIV registration enables you to work with as much as 2 retainers per personality without paying any kind of additiocardonafam.coml charges.

Retainer DutiesStorage of products (approximately 175 kinds), essential shards/crystals/clusters, and also gil.Sale of unnecessary stock products on the market.Procurement of products as well as products through Ventures.

Keep reading to find out more regarding the different aspects influencing the Retainer Solution.

Q. Exists a cost connected with the Retainer Service?A. If you desire to employ additiocardonafam.coml retainers past the 2 consisted of with your registration, an additiocardonafam.coml charge is called for just.

Must you prefer additiocardonafam.coml retainers, the charges for the paid Retainer Solution are as adheres to:

Retainer Service Charge
Settlement Approach

Accepted settlement approaches consist of charge card, Crysta, as well as settlement using Heavy steam Budget. * Video game time cards can not be utilized to spend for the Retainer Solution. * Just individuals signed up via the Heavy steam customer can pay through Heavy steam Pocketbook.


1. Registration using Charge Card or Crysta


* If your solution account has a persisting registration, the retainer solution will certainly likewise be a repeating registration, complying with the very same payment cycle. * Automatic revival for the Retainer Solution can be terminated separately from your solution account registration.

2. Month-to-month Repayment using Video Game Time Cards

* If your solution account membership is paid by means of video game card, your retainer solution registration should be restored by hand at the end of each duration.

3. Month-to-month Repayment using Heavy Steam Purse

* If your solution account registration is paid through Vapor Purse, your retainer solution membership should be restored by hand at the end of each duration.

Q. When can I sign up for the Retainer Service?A. Gamers with an active duty account can register for the Retainer Solution any time.

Nonetheless, please note that personalities that have yet to open the retainer attribute in-game will certainly be ucardonafam.comble to take advantage of additiocardonafam.coml retainers. * If you register for the additiocardonafam.coml retainer solution while visited to the video game, you will certainly require to re-login to have your registration showed.

Q: I registered for the Retainer Solution however I still have the exact same variety of retainer ports. Why is this?A: After signing up for the Retainer Solution, you should initially visit with your personality in its House Globe for the modifications to work.
Q. Just how can I determine additiocardonafam.coml (paid) retainers?A. Additiocardonafam.coml retainers can be determined by the order in which they show up in the retainer choice food selection.

While the order of retainers can be altered in the Kind Retainers food selection, any kind of positioned in the 3rd port and also below will certainly be dealt with as additiocardonafam.coml (paid) retainers.

Kind Retainers Food Selection

The retainers laid out listed below are additiocardonafam.coml retainers.


After Launching a Retainer

Retainers that have actually been launched will certainly not show up in the Retainer Option or Kind Retainers food selections. The numbers appointed to staying retainers might alter complying with the launch of a retainer. Paid retainers might likewise come to be totally free retainers in such situations.

If your Retainer Solution membership ends?A, Q. Will products as well as gil saved with additiocardonafam.coml retainers be shed. No, they will certainly not.

In case the solution duration for additiocardonafam.coml retainers finishes, things and also gil will certainly stay, however you need to resubscribe to the solution to access them.

Q. Is it feasible to include or launch additiocardonafam.coml retainers in the center of a registration period?A. Although it is feasible to include retainers any time, there are specific constraints on launching additiocardonafam.coml retainers.Restrictions on Retainer Launch

1. Registration using Bank Card, Crysta, or Vapor Account (Car Revival)

It is feasible to launch an additiocardonafam.coml retainer throughout a vehicle revival membership duration. Nonetheless, any kind of modification in the variety of offered retainers will certainly not enter into impact till the following invoicing cycle. In addition, there will certainly be no reimbursements for launching a retainer before completion of an invoicing cycle. * Additiocardonafam.coml retainers will certainly be readily available in-game till the following invoicing cycle.Released additiocardonafam.coml retainers will certainly come to be icardonafam.comccessible in-game upon the begin of the following payment cycle.

2. Regular Monthly Settlement using Video Game Time Cards

It is not feasible to launch an additiocardonafam.coml retainer throughout an energetic membership duration paid through video game time card.When the membership duration finishes, gamers can select a wanted variety of additiocardonafam.coml retainers when restoring the Retainer Solution together with their solution account registration.

3. Regular Monthly Repayment through Heavy Steam Budget

It is not feasible to launch an additiocardonafam.coml retainer throughout an energetic membership duration paid using Heavy steam Wallet.When the registration duration finishes, gamers can select a wanted variety of additiocardonafam.coml retainers when restoring the Retainer Solution together with their solution account registration.

Q. Which retainers will certainly end up being icardonafam.comccessible?A if I launch one or even more additiocardonafam.coml retainers. When paid ports are terminated, retainers will certainly come to be icardonafam.comccessible beginning with all-time low of the checklist (one of the most just recently employed retainers with the greatest numbers).

When watching your readily available retainers in-game, one of the most lately included retainer will certainly be found at the end of the listing.

Q. Can they be brought back at a later time?A if my membership finishes and also additiocardonafam.coml retainers come to be icardonafam.comccessible. Yes, they can. Retainers will certainly appear once more when you restore their agreement, consisting of additiocardonafam.coml retainers. The retainers that formerly showed up on top of the listing (had the most affordable number) will certainly be worked with initially.
Q. If I"ve worked with several additiocardonafam.coml retainers, and also I determine to terminate one, which retainer will certainly I shed accessibility to?A. The retainer put at the end of the listing will certainly come to be icardonafam.comccessible.After Retainer Solution Ends

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