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The basic (electronic or retail) variations of the video game just enable you to play one project (Birthright/Hoshido or Conquest/Nohr). Nonetheless if you want a wider experience, you can acquire the various other project as DLC for a reduced rate.


To do so, you should pick the"Check out Courses" choice, which is the bottom-left choice generally food selection(prior to filling a conserve documents). This exact same alternative likewise enables you to buy the 3rd project, Revelation.DLCCostDescription Due(

Hoshido)19.99 USD/ 24.99 CAD Due advocate Fire Symbol Fates Occupation or the
electronic variation Occupation( Nohr )19.99 USD/ 24.99 CAD Occupation advocate Fire Symbol Fates Bequest or the electronic variationDiscovery (third path)19.99 USD/ 24.99 CAD Third advocate Fire Symbol Fates Conquest/Birthright or the
electronic variation When you have greater than one project, throughout the"Branch of Destiny "in Phase 6, you will certainly have the ability to choose which project you want to play, from the ones you possess.(Having actually experienced the "Branch of Destiny "at the very least when, you can miss in advance to the"Branch of Destiny" at any moment, by choosing the alternative straight over"Check out Courses"generally food selection.

) Perks: Those that have several projects can get product presents by engaging


with theClairvoyance in My Castle as well as mosting likely to the "Benefits"option.Of note, you can retrieve 2 Fear Scrolls (for the Fear Boxer course )when you have 2 or even more projects and also 2 Ebon

Wings When you have 3 campaigns.Maps,(for the Dark Falcon course) Besides unabridged projects, you can take pleasure in bite-size maps comparable to Awakening's DLC maps.When they are readily available, you can access them by means of the"Dragon's Entrance" on the globe map(readily available upon conclusion of Phase 6). To play your maps, select the very first alternative"Play DLC ". If you wish to buy maps,

select the 2nd choice"Acquisition DLC" and after that the leading alternative "Acquisition DLC". Map Load 1: You can buy a pack including the adhering to twelve DLC

for 17.99 USD or 22.49 CAD. Bear in mind that also if you spend for all

of the DLC upfront, you can just play the DLC as they're released.Release DateDLCReward (notes)DifficultyPrice 19th

February 2016 Prior to Stiring up Exalt's Brand name, Hero's Brand name(very first time), Stone(limitless)★ Free 25th February 2016 Boo Camp Experience (unrestricted) ★ 2.49 USD/ 3.19 CAD Coastline Quarrel Unique pictures ★ ★ 2.49 USD/ 3.19 CAD Third March 2016 Macabre Gold Funds (limitless)★ 2.49 USD/ 3.19 CAD

Gallery Melee Defense(limitless)★ 2.49 USD/ 3.19 CAD 17th March 2016 Royal Royale Numerous stat-boosters(very first time), Fear Scroll, Ebon Wing(limitless)★ ★ ★ ★ 2.49 USD/ 3.19 CAD 24th March 2016 Surprise Realities(1as well as2)Fell Brand Name, First Blood(limitless)★ ★ ★ 4.49 USD/ 5.69 CAD 31st March 2016Lead Dawn Lead Brand name (endless)★ ★ 1.99 USD/ 2.49 CAD 7th April 2016Anna on the RunAnna (very first time)1.99 USD/ 2.49 CAD
14th April 2016 Ballistician Strike Spotting Lens(endless)★ ★ 1.99 USD/ 2.49 CAD A
Present from Anna Spotting Lens or Witch's Mark(very first time)N/A Free 21st April 2016 Witches'Test Witch's Mark (limitless)★ ★ 1.99 USD/ 2.49 CAD
Map Load 2: You can buy a pack consisting of the adhering to 7 DLC for 7.99 USD or 11.29 CAD. Remember that also if you spend for every one of the DLC upfront, you can just play the DLC as they'rereleased.Release DateDLCReward( notes)DifficultyPrice Fifth May 2016 An Additional Present From Anna Boots and also Apotheosis( very first time)N/A Free I: In Unlimited Desires Skilltaker as well as Lucktaker(unrestricted)★ ★ ★ 0.49 USD/ 0.69 CAD 12th May 2016II: Worlds Collide Magictaker (limitless)★ ★★ 1.99 USD/ 2.89 CAD 19th May 2016 III: The Transforming Trend Strengthtaker(endless)★ ★ ★ 1.99 USD/ 2.89 CAD 26th May 2016 IV: Light's
Sacrifice Defensetaker(unrestricted) ★ ★ ★ 1.99 USD/ 2.89 CAD Second June 2016 V:Unlimited DawnSpeedtaker, Resistancetaker(unrestricted

)★ ★ ★1.99 USD/ 2.89 CAD 9th June 2016 End: Shed in the Waves Factor Space(unrestricted )★ ★ ★ 1.99 USD/ 2.89 CAD