Harry Potter: Hogwarts Enigma gamers that get to Year 3 in the video game will certainly find brand-new good friends, brand-new areas to check out, brand-new courses to finish, as well as a lot more.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Enigma is a video game where gamers invest a large amount of time waiting on occasions to happen or for their power meter to fill up. Therefore, a great deal of gamers are recently making it to Year 3 in the video game, as well as might be questioning what the brand-new year at Hogwarts has in shop for their personality.

For those that are heading right into Year 3 at Hogwarts, right here are the brand-new places, courses, complimentary power resources, and also extra they will certainly discover in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Enigma

New Locations

harry potter hogwarts secret hogsmeade
Once more, a few of the greatest modifications in Year 3 can be found in the type of brand-new places to check out. For instance, gamers currently see the Collection, which lies at Reduced Flooring - East, best alongside the Transmutation Class. Beyond tale objectives and also side pursuits, the Collection doesn"t have a lot of rate of interest, yet it"s still a brand-new location to have a look at no matter.

In Phase 2 of Year 3, gamers will certainly additionally open the capacity to take a trip to Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade is a town situated near Hogwarts that pupils typically take a trip to, as well as it features its very own little stores to check out. In Year 3, gamers can look into The 3 Broomsticks and also Zonko"s Joke Store, with various other services provided in later years.

Free Power

harry potter hogwarts secret hogsmeade complimentary power
Like the various other major locations gamers can discover in the video game, Hogsmeade features its very own cost-free power resource that gamers can benefit from a couple of times a day. To discover the complimentary power in Hogsmeade, have a look at the street in between The 3 Broomsticks and also Honkeydukes to find a pupil with a sled. Faucet on this pupil for the complimentary power resource.

It"s likewise worth discussing that, since the upgrade that included a lot more Year 3 tale phases to the video game, Irks the Apparition is currently a complimentary power resource also. Even better, Peeves isn"t also unique to Year 3 trainees, suggesting any individual ought to have the ability to touch on him to break out power as well as quicken their Hogwarts experience. To discover Peeves, see the East Towers and also he will certainly lie in between the Astronomy Tower"s spiral stairs and also the ladder that results in the Prophecy Class.

New Courses

harry potter hogwarts enigma beauties lesson lumos
Whereas Year 2 included Transmutation course to the educational program, Year 3 includes Herbology. Regardless of being a brand-new course, however, the incentives for Herbology are mainly the like the incentives for the majority of the various other courses in the video game.

Below is a listing of all the Year 3 courses as well as benefits for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Secret


Remedy to Typical Poisonous Substances (+5 Treasures) Wideye Remedy (+5 Treasures) Doxycide (+5 Treasures) Lapse Of Memory Remedy (+5 Treasures) Squealing Drink (+5 Treasures)


Limited Incantatem (+5 Treasures) Petrificus Totalus (Functional in dueling) Depulso (Functional in dueling) Riddikulus (+5 Treasures) Immobulus (Useful in dueling)


Moving (+1 Power Restriction) Diving (+1 Power Limitation) Loop-the-Loop (+1 Power Restriction)


Felifors (+5 Treasures) Duro (+5 Treasures) Owl to Opera Glasses (+5 Treasures) Computer Mice to Snuffbox (+5 Treasures)


Mandrake (+5 Treasures) Valerian Sprigs (+5 Treasures) Stinkcap (+5 Treasures) Dried Nettles (+5 Treasures) Snargaluff (+5 Treasures)

New Pals

harry potter hogwarts enigma arranging hat event
When gamers get to Year 3 in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Enigma , they will certainly likewise have the possibility to satisfy 3 brand-new buddies. Buddies can be leveled up at details factors in the video game to make complimentary treasures, as well as gamers often have the selection of which good friends to take with them on missions.

The 3 brand-new good friends gamers can fulfill in Year 3 are Nymphadora Tonks of Hufflepuff, Tulip Karasu of Ravenclaw, and also Barnaby Lee of Slytherin. Barnaby Lee is the very first Slytherin pupil that gamers can befriend in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Enigma , though he begins as one of Merula"s cronies.

Home Mug

Much like Year 2 elevated the risks for your house Mug from 100 treasures to 125, winning your house Mug in Year 3 will certainly produce also higher incentives. If gamers win your home Mug in Year 3, they will certainly open a massive 150 treasures, which must enable them to purchase a lot of power to proceed via the video game much quicker.

At the time of this writing, it"s not also clear if the whole of Year 3 is offered for gamers right now, so it"s feasible that much more Year 3 material gets on the method quickly. In the meanwhile, we understand that designer Jam City is currently expecting the future of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Enigma , as it just recently launched an upgrade that exposed the Forbidden Woodland as a brand-new area for many years 4, together with Andre Egwu as well as Charlie Weasley as brand-new good friends.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Enigma is out currently for iphone and also Android smart phones.

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