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* - -|O - - E - - -|- - --|----|----------- Phases ... 1. The Girls You Can Select ... 2. The Women ... 3. Marrage ... 4. Additional"s. ... 5. Concerning Me ... Phase 1, The Women You Can Select ... The lady"s you can select to wed are ... AnnMaryPopuriKarenElliHarvest GoddessThese are the lady"s you can"t wed ... Shasha(Married to Jeff)Manna(Married to Fight It Out)Anna(Married to Basil)Ellen(To old)Lila(Wedded to an Individual you never ever accually satisfy in the video game)If you like among these individuals(Not Ellen due to the fact that she is also old for you)then challenging cuz you can just be buddies with them.But if you like among thegirls you can wed then YAY FOR YOU!No seriously ... well to the factor, these are the ladies you marry.Chapter 2 The Ladies ... Like I claimed, you can just wed the woman"s that I place on the lady"s you can wed listing(Yet it is unusual that you can wed the Harvest Siren). Mary(simple)She likes: Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Cappucino, Leisure Tea.She suches as: Mushrooms, Red Lawn, Blue Yard, White Yard, Delicious Chocolate, Black Turf(located in mines), Diamonds, Pink Diamonds,Perfume,Bodigizer,Turbojolt.B-day: Winter Months 20 Or if your birthday celebration is Winter season 20 hers is Winter season 25. To make her like you much more you: Most likely to the 2nd flooring of the libraryBlack: In between 10am and also 4pm most likely to the library.Purple: In between 10am as well as 4pm on Thurs Sat or Sunlight most likely to the library.Blue: Most likely to the top of Mom"s hillside on Mon in between noontime as well as 5pm. Yellow: On Mon in between 10am and also 1pm most likely to Mary"s house.Popuri(tool)She enjoys: Omlette Rice, Omlette, Rushed Eggs.She sort: All Eggs, Delicious Chocolate, Cakes, Sandwhiches, All Devices, Ice Cream,Diamonds.B-day: Summer season 3 or summertime 10To make her like you much more: Own 8 chickens.Black: Stroll to Popuri"s Residence on Wed or Fri in between 10am as well as 6pm. Purple: Popuri will certainly see your ranch so wear"t worry.Blue: On Sunlight In Between 10am as well as 1pm most likely to the church with a vacant thing slot.Yellow: Most likely to Popuri"s residence in between 10am as well as 1pm. Karen(Most Challenging of all!!!!!!!!!!!!)She enjoys: Pizza, French Fries, Popcorn.She Suches As: Red Wine, Flowers, Cheese, Truffles, Tempera, Bamboo Shoots, Sashimi, Pink Diamonds, Diamonds.To make her like you much more: Acquire points from the supermarket.Black: On Joined or Fri most likely to the shop in between 10am as well as 1pm with an open device slot.Purple: Most likely to the shop in between 10am as well as 1pm. Blue: Most likely to the shop in between 10am and also 1pm with an open thing slot.Green: Most likely to bench on Sunlight in between 7pm and also 10pm. yellow: Most likely to the shop on Mon, Thurs, or Sat in between 10am and also 1pm.-Note, you require to do ALL the heart occasions to wed Karen, so i reccomend you duplicate this page.Ann(Tool)She Likes: Truffle Rice, Cake, Pancakes.She Suches As: Cooked Eggs, Stew, Curry Rice, Strawberry Milk, Sandwhiches, Desserts, Rice Cakes, All Diamonds,Perfume.B-day: Summer Season 17 or Summertime 22To make her like you extra: Purchase anything other than water at the Inn.Black: In between 10:40 am and also 1pm most likely to the Inn without any item.Purple: On Joined, Thurs, Fri, or Rested most likely to the 2nd flooring of the Inn in between 10am and also 1pm. Blue: Most Likely To the Inn Mon, or Fri in between midday as well as 7pm without any item.Yellow: Most likely to the Inn Wed, Thurs, Sat, or Sunlight in between 10am and also 7pm. Elli(Easy)She Likes: Hot Milk, Red Magic Lawn, Moon Dumplings.She Suches As: Milk, Strawberries, Elli Leaves, Devices, Pink Pet Cat Blossom, Plaything Blossom, Blue Magic Turf, All Diamonds, Pastas, Strawberry Milk.To make her like you much more: Obtain checked out by the doctor.Black: Most likely to the Center Mon or Joined after 9am. Purple: Most Likely To the Facility Thurs, Sat, or Sunlight In Between 7pm and also 9am. Blue: Most Likely To Ellen"s home on Mon in between 1pm and also 9am with a vacant product slot.Yellow: Most likely to the coastline on Joined in between 9am and also 6pm. Harvest Siren(Tough)!-Capture all types of fish, and also the 6 kings.-Ship every shippable thing.-Collect all 9 Siren Jewels and also obtain a Siren Gem.-Own a large bed.-Dig up every product in the Lake and also Springtime mine.-Be in the fifth year or later the farm-Ask carter to "Wed the HG"in confessional times.Some tips to weding a woman is.....-Own a Huge Bed-Have secong home upgrade-HAVE DARK RED HEART DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Offer the woman you selected her favorivte product prior to you propose-Buy a blue featherThere they are so if you have inquiries on simply aspects of her as well as what she suches as take a look at phase 5(TIP: Phase 5 has to do with me). Oh as well as make certain you have actually done all the heart occasions for Karen or YOU TIN"T I DUPLICATE CONTAINER"T MARRY HER!!!!!!!!!! Phase 3 Marrage ... Marrage is such a. ... Attractive thing?Oh ya right im still doing the frequently asked question ... right.So 7 Days after you recommend, or if an occasion wants that 7 days then it"s 8 you obtain wed to(Ann as an example)Ann.For the following thirty day Ann will certainly walk the table and also at 9:00 she will certainly entrust to most likely to aid at the workplace(also if you wed popuri and also the fowl ranch opens up at 11:00 she will certainly still leave at 9:00). You can see Ann at the workplace and also provide her things like you weren"t married.At 6:00 Ann will return and also walk the table, however at 8:00 she will most likely to bed.On days with occasion"s claim it"s the hen celebration, it begin"s at 10:00 so she will get up like typical, as well as opposed to mosting likely to operate at 9:00 she will go to the cooking area strolling around.Even if she is not at the event Ann will still dissappear at 10:00 when the celebration starts.After those one month of walking the table and also mosting likely to function, she will really feel ill and also you will take her to the medical professional as well as you will discover you will be moms and dads!!!!! woopeeeeeyyyy however because i began numerous video games as well as wed numerous women it"s very little of a shock ... zzzzzzzzzz ... zzzzzz ... ... oh what? oh yea the frequently asked question was that the 2nd time I left topic?oh well.So like i stated YOU WILL CERTAINLY BE PARENTS WOOPPEEYYY DEE DOO DA!So for the following 60 days(2 months)Ann will certainly walk the table and also state things like I can"t belive in expectant as well as doo daa.She won"t obtain fat, and also she does every little thing the very same, it"s simply she claims various things that makes her appear pregnant.THE special day HAS GOT HERE! You will certainly get up and also Ann wil be having the infant child(it"s constantly a kid)and also her daddy exists(if you wed another person, there loved ones will certainly exist)buit you do not reach see Ann have the child cuz i fyou see the video game is ranked E for every person which I directly put on"t mind.For the following 60 days Ann will certainly do the precise very same things other than she will certainly hold the infant in the early morning prior to she mosts likely to function and also when she comes home.While she function"s (Tim for instance)Tim remains in bed resting, sobbing, or my favoritve looking with his charming little eyes WIDE open.You won"t reach hold him which is strange frankly.After those 60 days of having a newborn, Tim will certainly befall of bed as well as you will certainly take hime to the medical professional and also Tim will just have a bruise.After you obtain residence Tim will certainly creep as well as you can provide him things(likes cake). Usual will certainly occur like Ann will certainly walk the table as well as most likely to function and also while Ann goes to job Tim will certainly maintain creeping around and also pass the kitchen.Tim will certainly go to sleep at 6:00. After one month you will certainly get up and also Ann will certainly claim "Look(your label)Tim is strolling!". Points will certainly be precisely the very same other than Tim is walking.Tim never ever aids on the ranch as well as never ever relocates out.Chapter 4 Bonus"s.....-The additional"s are simply umm ... added thingsAt the moon event or the fire functions event if you see them there and also welcome them to see them with you then they will certainly like you more.-If you placed a blossom in the fish pond by the springtime for 10 days the Harvest siren will certainly provide you a power berry, however if you place a blossom in for 11 even more days the Harvest Siren will certainly allow you choose a woman you such as and also choose the woman you such as and also she will certainly like you a lot more also if her heart does not change.-If you provide her their preferred product on their birthday celebration then they will certainly like you x2 then they did if it wasnt there birthday.I didn"t have much additional due to the fact that i informed you every little thing in the various other Chapters.Chapter 5 Concerning Me ... Call: Melissa(not claiming surname)Lives with: mommy, father, brotherLikes to: hang with good friends, play harvest moon, take place computerIf you have concerns or intend to speak my e-mail address is REMEMBER GOODBYE * waves *: > lol >: >