Begin Place: Go Back To Pitchcliff at the north end of the Carja Territories after finishing the Into the Borderlands and also The Sunlight Shall Autumn primary quests.Kill the Glinthawks As quickly as you go back to Pitchcliff, you'll discover that the whole base is under fire from a big team of 6-8 Glinthawks. Aid the soldiers below to take them full blast and also keep in mind that Fire Arrowheads to the stubborn belly are a fast means to bring them to ground to ensure that you can melee strike them or grow some arrowheads right into their weak points extra easily.As there are such a lot of Glinthawks striking, this can be

a truly hard battle if you make way too many of them upset each time. Because of this, allow the guards take their reasonable share of agro whilst constantly remain attentive for inbound ice projectiles or bombs and also concentrate on assaulting one Glinthawk at a time.Find the leader of Pitchcliff After getting rid of every one of the Glinthawks, our goals will certainly be upgraded.

We'll require to chat with somebody in

cost. Because of this, head right into the negotiation of Pitchcliff and also situate Ralert, the mayor. He can be located atop among the structures in the northeastern edge of the town.After your conversation, make your method to ground degree and also in the northeastern edge of the negotiation(listed below Ralert in fact is a great location)trigger Aloy's emphasis setting. Situate the pulsating signal tool, which can be located in the little yard behind the structure with Ralert atop it. Make your means to this area as well as talk to the NPC Shahavad right here for a scene.Go to the workshop Shahavad's camp can be discovered throughout the river and also to the northeast. Make your means to that area however take care as you go as if you

take the straight course it will certainly lead you with Ravager area as well as a team of Grazers and also Glinthawks. Adhere to the unbiased pens as they outline a course for you up the hill at the end, utilizing the walks as well as handholds as required.Upon arriving of the high cliffs, you'll locate the camp. Utilize the campfire here.From the campground comply with the icy course to the eastern up until it finishes. At this moment we'll require to leap to the right-hand man wall surface of the abyss in advance and also make use of the walks as well as handholds

to navigate completely to the much side where we can leap onto an icy system. On this system, loot the supply dog crate and afterwards leap from below onto the walks on the contrary wall surface of the abyss as well as function your method throughout the walks till you can locate a course leading up. Take this to the top.At the top of the high cliffs, you'll quickly encounter a set of Longlegs that are located right here. Remove them prior to looking in the direction of the unbiased pen distant

. Simply throughout a brief void, you must see a Freeze Bellowback (comparable to a Fire Bellowback yet with ice assaults rather )as well as a number of Red-eye Watchers. Disregard the noticeable bridge leading over the void as this leads straight to the Freeze Bellowback. Rather want to its right to discover a zipline hung throughout the abyss too.

Trip this to the back as well as get in the high yard at the end, send off or bypass the Red-Eye Watchers below (bypass them if you intend to battle the Bellowback ). Prior to slipping your method to the much side of this system as well as utilizing the following bridge to upgrade your objectives.Defeat the Stormbird As you go across the bridge, you'll see a Stormbird on the side of the hill in advance as well as, you thought it, we'll require to eliminate it. We'll have a large open room in which to eliminate the Stormbird with 2 open simple locations and also an abyss diminishing the centre. Over the abyss is a rock bridge connecting both top open locations. There is a great deal of space below and also we will certainly require to utilize it to our benefit. Stormbirds are 2-3 times larger than a Glinthawk and also have several, several dangerous capacities. They will certainly float in midair whilst billing up an electrical projectile prior to introducing it at you. They will certainly likewise go across the field of battle at broadband, going down a collection of electrical projectiles behind them

. Whilst in mid-air they will certainly try to divebomb down on top of your placement, producing a tiny electric shockwave around them which will certainly bring upon damages as well as knock you down if it strikes you. Whilst on the ground, Stormbirds can produce an electric guard bubble which they can keep around their body momentarily. If it touches you, whilst this is energetic they will certainly attempt to shut the space to your place and also the guard will certainly harm you. At ground degree they can additionally slap their fly front of them to create a sonic blast shockwave, disabling your capability to strive a couple of moments.The Stormbirds are the excellent information however a hard battle is that they do have a variety of weak points which we can( as well as actually must )manipulate. There are 3 engines situated on either wing of the Stormbird as well as ruining every one of them will certainly disable its divebomb assault. It likewise has a set of revealed Blaze cylinders standing out of its back simply behind its wings which can be detonated with a straight hit with a Fire Arrowhead for a good deal of damages and also Freeze containers right behind its head which can also be exploded making use of Freeze Arrowheads. In the centre of the Stormbird's breast is its lightning weapon, which when ruined will certainly disable every one of its varied lightning assaults, making it a little less complicated to manage out in the open.In this specific battle, there is an amazing setting where to strike the Stormbird from loved one security as well as this is at the base of the abyss as well as bridge in the centre of the location. Below you can utilize the bridge as cover from the lightning strikes whilst firing it as it floats expenses. Low-cost? Many definitely, yet additionally very effective!Investigate the workshop When the Stormbird is down for the matter, usage Aloy's emphasis to find 3

signal generators in the location close by. Technique and also disable all 3 of them. Later, we'll require to analyze the workshop by the wall surface opposite the location's entrance factor. Usage emphasis to consider the workbench for some notes. Technique as well as engage with this for Text Datapoint. With every one of that done, go back to Ralert in Pitchcliff and also talk to him to finish the side-quest.