embed iframe div Mothwing Cape td Cape threaded with mothwing hairs Permits the user to rush forwards along the ground or via the air td Beat the Hornet in Greenpath td tr imager_2_6942_700.jpg" alt="*" div td Mantis Claw td Claw sculpted from bone Permits the user to hold on to wall surfaces and also jump off of them td Located at the middle-left area of Mantis Town. You"ll require the Mothwing Cape to gain access to it. td br tr div style="text-align: center" td Crystal Heart td The power core of an old mining golem, made around a powerful crystal td The crystal"s power can be transported to release the holder ahead at harmful rates td Get to completion of the hard platforming area on the middle-right side of Crystal Height td tr cardonafam.com div td Emperor Wings td Wings of aerial issue that sparkle in the darkness Permit one to leap once again in mid-air td Beat the Broken Vessel in Ancient Container td cardonafam.com td Isma"s Tear td Fruit developed from a solitary solidified tear td As soon as consumed it supplies security from the hot, acidic swimming pools located in particular components of Hallownest td Found in the Royal Waterways, yet calls for the Crystal Heart to gain access to td tr imager_6_6942_700.jpg" alt="*" td Shield Cape td Cape developed from the compound of the Void td Permits the user to rush with adversaries and also their assaults without taking damages td Located in the Void, in the rightmost area after the darkness sea. You need to stand in the darkness water fountain and also wait till you obtain the capacity td div style="text-align: center" Dreamgate td Permits the wielder to take a trip immediately via desire Some locations might do not have a solid link to any kind of desire, refusing use the Dreamgate td Speak to the Seer in the Relaxing Premises after gaining 900 Significance to obtain the Dreamgate tr table Are you locating this overview helpful? Allow us understand with a remark, and also put on"t neglect to have a look at our various other Hollow Knight overview material: h2 Hollow Knight Notch Upgrades & Charms Locations