Thie over mistake appears to show up after the piece timing was finished efficiently. I"ve examined that

1. all the subject folders have.nii data in the FunImgA directory site

2. every one of these.nii data have the exact same time factor

3. all the subject folders have actually a.nii documents in the T1Img directory site

presumably that the following action is the area map adjustment

i have the complying with area map documents within the FieldMap directory site for all topics:

FieldMap/Magnitude1Raw/002/ Mag1.nii

FieldMap/Magnitude2Raw/002/ Mag2.nii

FieldMap/PhaseDiffRaw/002/ PhaseDiff.nii

do see the connected picture for the submitted map improvement setups

many thanks beforehand

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YAN Chao-Gan


, if you currently transformed from

If you currently transformed from DICOM to NIfTI, then name as:

FieldMap/Magnitude1Img/002/ Mag1.nii

FieldMap/Magnitude2Img/002/ Mag2.nii

FieldMap/PhaseDiffImg/002/ PhaseDiff.nii

Juergen Haenggi


Trouble with fieldmap handling

Precious DPARSFA professionals

I am attempting to run DPARSFA (variation 5.2) utilizing area map improvement, however obtain the complying with mistake as reported below by an additional individual:

Mistake utilizing DPARSFA_run (line 823)Index goes beyond the variety of variety components (0 ).

I am collaborating with NIFTI information and also consequently my directory site tree is as adhere to: FunRaw--> Subject_01--> *. nii/ *. jsonT1Img--> Subject_01--> *. nii/ *. jsonFieldMap--> Magnitude1Img--> Subject_01--> *. nii/ *. jsonFieldMap--> Magnitude2Img--> Subject_01--> *. nii/ *. jsonFieldMap--> PhaseDiffImg--> Subject_01--> *. nii/ *. json

Any kind of suggestion what may trigger this error?Thanks in advanceRegardsJürgen

YAN Chao-Gan


Modification parfor in Line 823 to

Modification parfor in Line 823 to for,

and after that see you quit at which line.

Juergen Haenggi


Recommendation to non-existent area '' ReconMatrixPE '.

Precious Prof. Yan

as recommended, I altered parfor in line 823 to for and also obtain the complying with mistake: ------------------------------------------------------------ Recommendation to non-existent area '' ReconMatrixPE '.

Mistake in DPARSFA_run(line 871)SPMJOB.matlabbatch. * JSON.ReconMatrixPE * 1000;

Mistake in DPARSFA> pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 1847) =DPARSFA_run(handles.Cfg);

Mistake in gui_mainfcn (line 95) feval(varargin );

Mistake in DPARSFA (line 30) gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin );

Mistake while reviewing UIControl Callback. --------------------------------------------------------------------- If I specify TE1 as well as TE2 in the GUI, I do not need.json documents, or?The size nifti documents I began with were initially within the exact same size documents (4D nifti with 2 elements, magnitude1 as well as magnitude2). I then divided this 4D nifti data in 2 files and also placed them in both size folders, however I do not have 2 distinct.json documents.