div products div INVESTMENT PURPOSE h3 The cardonafam.com Core S&P 500 ETF looks for to track the financial investment outcomes of an index made up of large-capitalization united state equities. cardonafam.com br The Theoretical Development of $10,000 graph shows a theoretical $10,000 financial investment and also presumes reinvestment of returns as well as funding gains. Fund expenditures, consisting of monitoring costs as well as various other expenditures were subtracted. The efficiency priced estimate stands for previous efficiency and also does not ensure future outcomes. Financial investment return and also primary worth of a financial investment will certainly change to make sure that a capitalist's shares, when marketed or retrieved, might deserve basically than the initial expense. Existing efficiency might be reduced or more than the efficiency priced estimate, and also numbers might show tiny differences because of rounding. Standard efficiency as well as efficiency information present to one of the most current month end might be located in the Efficiency area. 1y 3y 5y 10y Incept. tr Complete Return (%) td 40.75 18.64 17.61 td 14.78 td 7.27 tr Market Value (%) 40.94 td 18.62 td 17.59 td 14.78 7.26 td Criteria (%) td 40.79 td 18.67 td 17.65 td 14.84 7.33 tr After Tax obligation Pre-Liq. (%) td 40.24 18.09 17.06 td 14.27 td 6.85 tr After Tax obligation Post-Liq. (%) 24.39 td 14.59 td 14.14 td 12.33 6.01 td tr table YTD 1m 3m 6m 1y 3y 5y 10y Incept. tr td Overall Return (%) td 15.23 2.33 8.54 td 15.23 td 40.75 66.98 124.99 td 297.02 td 340.31 td Market Value (%) 15.24 td 2.26 8.38 15.24 40.94 td 66.89 td 124.87 td 297.05 340.00 tr td Standard (%) td 15.25 td 2.33 td 8.55 td 15.25 td 40.79 67.13 125.36 298.93 345.57 tr td After Tax obligation Pre-Liq. (%) 15.06 2.26 td 8.46 td 15.06 td 40.24 64.67 119.84 279.54 305.31 After Tax obligation Post-Liq. (%) td 9.13 td 1.43 5.11 td 9.13 td 24.39 50.45 td 93.72 219.84 td 243.23 td table 20162017201820192020 tr td Complete Return (%) td 11.90 21.79 -4.42 td 31.44 18.37 tr Market Value (%) 12.08 td 21.79 td -4.46 td 31.28 18.38 td tr td Standard (%) 11.96 21.83 td -4.38 td 31.49 td 18.40 table em The efficiency estimated stands for previous efficiency and also does not ensure future outcomes. Financial investment return as well as primary worth of a financial investment will certainly vary to make sure that a capitalist"s shares, when marketed or retrieved, might deserve essentially than the initial price. Present efficiency might be reduced or greater than the efficiency estimated. em Input a supply, or ETF or fund from any kind of fund supplier, as well as check out cardonafam.com ETFs based upon connection and also holdings overlap information. (for economic experts just) p div br This details needs to be come before or gone along with by a present program. For standard efficiency, please see the Efficiency area over. Sustainability Attributes can assist financiers incorporate non-financial, sustainability factors to consider right into their financial investment procedure. These metrics allow capitalists to examine funds based upon their ecological, social, and also administration (ESG) possibilities as well as threats. This evaluation can give understanding right into the efficient administration and also lasting economic potential customers of a fund. solid Find out more. p The metrics listed below have actually been attended to openness as well as informative functions just. The presence of an ESG ranking is not a sign of just how or whether ESG aspects will certainly be incorporated right into a fund. The metrics are based upon MSCI ESG Fund Rankings as well as, unless or else specified in fund paperwork and also consisted of within a fund's financial investment purpose, do not alter a fund's financial investment purpose or constrict the fund's investable world, as well as there is no sign that an ESG or Influence concentrated financial investment approach or exclusionary displays will certainly be embraced by a fund. To find out more concerning a fund"s financial investment method, please see the fund"s program. p Testimonial the MSCI method behind Sustainability Features, utilizing web links solid listed below. p