10 Points That Make No Feeling Regarding Mai as well as Zuko'' s Partnership For followers of Character: The Last Airbender, the connections are main to the collection. Below are some aspects of Zuko and also Mai that make no feeling.

For followers of Character: The Last Airbender , the connections in between the personalities are main to the collection. While the world-building and also journey are likewise great, seeing exactly how these various personalities engage with each other is additionally engaging. While it's not simply the enchanting partnerships that followers wanted, a number of the personalities on the collection dated each other throughout the 3 periods.

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Among the primary enchanting connections is in between Zuko as well as Mai, and also while they aren't as main of a pair as Katara as well as Aang, they do wind up with each other at the end of the collection. Nevertheless, there are some reasons they do not make a great deal of feeling with each other which is possibly why they separate throughout the comics, and also it"s never ever made clear if they ever before come back with each other or otherwise.

While Zuko and also Mai appear to care a great deal concerning each other, they do not appear to have a great deal alike. This is a typical trouble in tv and also motion pictures as there's typically not time to concentrate on a connection to expand these information.

We just actually see one scene where they invest face to face time with each other throughout an outing, so it's simply total difficult to see if they have anything alike.

While Mai could have been buddies with Ty Lee as well as good friends with Azula, essentially, she looked like somebody that suched as to be alone. She usually appeared upset with individuals, and also while she did inform Zuko that he was among the only points she really did not despise, she could have been better not needing to stress over a charming partnership.

These sort of partnerships aren't right for everybody, so it appeared a lot more like an initiative to provide Zuko a long-term love passion.

Mai As Well As Zuko In Character The Last Airbender
In numerous means, Zuko as well as Mai are complete revers. While Zuko is quite sustained by his enthusiasms as well as feelings, Mai is unemotional and also instead controlled in exactly how she responds to points.

While somehow this makes it look like that could stabilize each various other out, it additionally implies they might jump on each various other"s nerves usually. As we see in the episode on the coastline, Zuko obtains fed up with her absence of sensation, as well as she burns out of his dramatics.

7 They seem like a senior high school pair

It's absolutely real that Zuko and also Mai are a charming pair somehow. Mai is an emo sort of individual as well as Zuko is remarkable and also emo in his very own method. Nevertheless, they appear even more like a pair that would certainly have been with each other in their young people yet would certainly not have actually lasted.

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It's tough to picture them being with each other permanently, marrying, as well as having a youngster, so the makers made the ideal option by having them break up in the comics. There"s still an opportunity they might have wound up with each other, yet the developers place"t claimed without a doubt. As a matter of fact, there"s no verification concerning that the mommy of Izumi really was.

While Mai isn't virtually as wicked or disorderly as Azula, she was just one of her major good friends and also cronies for a very long time. Considered that Mai's moms and dads were additionally high up in the federal government of the Fire Country, Mai additionally most likely thought a great deal of the publicity, and also she really did not actually care that much regarding other individuals.

Nevertheless, she likewise plainly could not stand Azula and also several of things she did, however she supported it for a very long time.

5 There are other individuals that could have been a much better suit

Zuko and also Mai aren't always a negative suit. They can give some equilibrium to each other, as well as they have actually understood each various other considering that they were children.

They do share some lovable minutes in the program, however there are simply other individuals they appeared to have even more chemistry with. Zuko, for instance, could have been a much better suit with a person like Katara while Mai would certainly have been a wonderful pair with somebody like Ty Lee.

Considered that Zuko and also Mai's partnership was stunted as well as quit when he was banished, they truly weren't formally with each other for that lengthy. They were simply teenagers when they obtained with each other, as well as Zuko had actually been opted for an excellent quantity of time prior to that.

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So, it did appear a little bit remarkable as well as over the top when Zuko obtained so envious of various other young boys talking with Mai at the Ash Island event. It looked like an overreaction, and also it revealed they had envy concerns.

3 Why Zuko really did not clarify why he left much better

He leaves a note to Mai when Zuko leaves the Fire Country to sign up with Group Character in period 3. Nevertheless, he does not actually describe effectively to her what he is doing and also why.

It appears she was entitled to a far better description. At the minimum, he can have composed her a lot more in a letter, yet he truly ought to have had a discussion with her face to face also if he assumed she would not take it well.

While in our very own globe, this factor may not actually use since both Mai and also Zuko were pre-teens when Zuko was banished, points function in different ways in the collection as teenagers as well as pre-teens manage the destiny of the globe.

If Mai truly cared a lot regarding Zuko, it appears she would certainly have been a lot more stressed regarding him as well as attempted to at the very least connect to him in some way to see to it he was all right.

1 Zuko never ever asks Mai to join him

Thankfully for their connection, Mai winds up conserving Zuko's life by betraying Azula to allow Zuko leave from the Hot Rock. Nevertheless, it's unusual that Zuko never ever asked her to aid him previously.

Mai may be rather much more ethically grey concerning just how she really feels regarding the battle, yet, if he actually cared and also relied on concerning her, he can have asked her to join him.