Globe Map solid of Conan Exiles, consisting of Volcano as well as Overload biomes. The Banished Lands in Conan Exiles is the area where the video game happens. Exploration areas such as panoramas, camps, instructors, caverns and also dungeons as well as various other interactable NPCs, rapid traveling pillars, dishes, dramatizes, globe managers and also upper bodies, and so on. I woke up, removed nude, in the sands of a substantial desert. There were no individuals to be seen, simply some damages as well as the substantial vacuum of the sands. I was dizzy, however I selected an instructions as well as laid out, wishing to locate anyone or anything. This map is interactive. Usage mouse/roller + ctrl secret or smart phone motions to relocate or resize it. Faucet or computer mouse over map pens for even more information. h2 Sights Listed below you will certainly locate some info regarding the sights situated on" The Ousted Lands map. p br p div Forgotten City of Xel-ha p Piles of the Dead p div New Asagarth p mounds-of-the-dead-conan-exiles div Sepermeru, City of the Antique Hunters p div The Black Galleon p mounds-of-the-dead-conan-exiles The Den p div The Mobilizing Location p div style="text-align: center" The Holy place of Frost p The Unnamed City p br h3 Emotes Aquilonian Dancing Tummy Dancing Blow Kiss p By Crom/ Kneel/ Pray Standing/ Pray Resting/ Grovel p By Mitra/ Kneel/ Pray Standing/ Pray Resting By Yog/ Kneel/ Pray Standing/ Pray Resting Support Hen Cimmerian Dancing p Comb Hair p Come Below p Cross Arms p Clenched fist Strike p Khitan Dancing p Respectful Laugh/ LaughBig Push-ups p Rating p Attract Flaunt p Sigh Slit Throat p Serpent Dancing p Spank Spew p Squirm Passive p Battle Dancing p Yawn NPCs h3 Checklist of non-player personalities (NPCs) you can talk with, a few of them will certainly have the ability to instruct you brand-new faith, brand-new emotes, and so on. p Arcos the WandererEmote: Courteous Clap solid p Braga p Braga Conan p Enis The Gobbler (Chef)/ Sayd Secretkeeper (Sorcerer) Firis Flickertongue (Tanner) Jamila the Pirate QueenEmote: Admire solid Master of Ceremonies p Mek-kamosesEmote: By Establish Faith: Acolyte of Establish solid p MountaineerRecipes: Mountaineer solid Muriela the ArtisanEmote: By Mitra solid Religious beliefs: Acolyte of Mitra solid Nunu the CannibalEmote: Applaud Faith: Acolyte of Yog p Petruso the Sandstorm ManiacHe remains in Sandswept Ruins Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone) for Rugged Scourgestone Item, Ruined Scourgestone Item, Broken Scourgestone Item. p Risa the Harsh (Taskmaster) p Secas The Smith (Blacksmith) The ArchivistHe remains in The Archives solid Dishes: Cartographer solid p The OutcastReligion: solid Church to Ymir Warmaker Klael p Yakira, Priestess of DerketoReligion: Enjoyment Location of Derketo p Obelisks h3 When you have actually connected with Obelisks you will certainly have the ability to rapid traveling to them from your base. In order to do that you require to speak with The Archivist, find out solid Cartography and also develop a Map Space solid Tower p Column p Column p Tower Shaft Column p Shaft Column p Pillar Tower p br h3 Globe Employers Globe Managers are taken into consideration "end video game web content". Eliminate them, loot the skeletal system trick and also locate the epic upper body. Great loot is awaiting you within. You need to be level 60 to open up these upper bodies. p