to position under a financial debt of appreciation for some solution, advantage, or support: I'' m much required for the flight.
to place (one) in a financial debt of appreciation, as by a support or lodging: Mr. Weems will certainly require us with a track.
to make (an activity, plan, and so on) necessary or needed: Your recklessness requires suppleness on my component.
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Initial taped in 1250-- 1300; Center English obligen, from Old French obligier, from Latin obligāre "to bind"; see obligate
4. Require, suit suggest making a welcome as well as thoughtful motion of some kind. Oblige stresses the concept of giving a support or advantage (as well as frequently of taking some difficulty to do it): to require somebody with a funding. Fit highlights doing a solution or equipping a benefit: to suit a person with dishes as well as accommodations.


o · blig · emergency room, nounpre · o · blige, verb(made use of with things), pre · o · bliged, pre · o · blig · · o · blige, verb (made use of with item), re · o · bliged, re · o · blig · ing.


1. coerce, force, constrict, compel, require 2. obligate, require
obligational, obligational authority, obligative, obligato, necessary, require, required, obligee, obligement, requiring, obligor

Require frequently suggests to nicely flatter somebody, as in He's the type of individual that mores than happy to require regardless of what the demand is

A person that is suiting by doing this can be called requiring.

This feeling of words is in some cases utilized in a rather paradoxical manner in which compares an adverse response to a courteous one, as in He rudely informed me to tip apart and also allow him pass, and also I enjoyed to require because I was standing in front of a significant mud pool

Require likewise typically suggests to call for, urge, or constrict. This can suggest an ethical inner voice or one based upon principles, as in It is her inner voice that requires her to make this sacrifice Or it can suggest an authorities or lawful need, as in The agreement requires us to carry out 3 evenings a week

This feeling of require is possibly frequently made use of in easy building and constructions, as in By agreement, we are required to carry out 3 evenings a week

The comparable verb obligate can be utilized to imply the very same point. The associated noun responsibility describes a duty or responsibility that is needed of somebody. To put it simply, a responsibility is something you are required or bound to do. Something that's needed in such a method can be explained with the associated adjective required.

Occasionally, require ways to place one in a financial debt of gratefulness, such as for some support or solution. This feeling of words is particularly utilized in the expression a lot required , which can be utilized on its own as one more method of thanking or in a sentence, as in We're much required for all your friendliness

Instance: There is no demand that requires us to assist those that are much less privileged-- yet we must do it out of an ethical responsibility.