Had a close friend on FB message this today. I had some extremely amusing ideas on claimed arrowhead after seeing it.First, the parts are EXPENSIVE. At common srd rates, a mobile opening is 20k general practitioner, and also the tiniest bag of holding, is 2.5 k general practitioner No rational or clever GM must jeopardize on those costs "since the things are smaller sized" That point can one-shot a lot of terrifying points for it to set you back less.Second, having a non-conventional arrowhead would certainly offer it a to-hit fine. Not appropriate if you strike "close adequate" extremely pertinent, if you are state 15-20 feet off.(Any kind of sane/evil GM will certainly make this an opportunity with such a round)3rd, if one utilizes the "main" Wizards of the shore currency exchange rate of 1Gp = $20 USD, that round expenses regarding $450K in real life worth. That places it right into "army quality" as for eruptive weapons goes, contrast the tomahawk projectiles 1.5 million price, the hellfire"s $115K USD, as well as the Javelin"s $145K USD pricetags. http://www.zdnet.com/article/how-muc...-the-military/(for referral as well as contrast, please maintain any kind of conversations on stated tools relative efficiency and also worth in D&D terms, instead of the real-world politics/warfare.)4th, stated warhead, is most likely to be much less reliable in general performance than any one of the above rockets, along with having substandard variety, precision, and also "bang per dollar" worth. It additionally has the awful "adverse effects" of tearing apart room time.Fifth, It"s just actual side, is that there isn"t much of ANYTHING that can take care of the textile of space-time being destroyed around it. Damages from the various other rockets might be reduced by fire security impacts, damages decrease impacts, as well as if you can persuade your DM that shrapnel counts as "projectiles" a Security from Arrows spellWhich leads me to my last point.I assume that the Mobile hole/Bag of holding warhead, is simply stupid to utilize on common arrowheads. Certain you can eliminate one man, however that"s a truly cost-inefficient method to eliminate simply ONE GUY.On the various other end, it"s the EXACT type of tool that would certainly be excellent in siege warfare.Imagine "ye olde D&D bad realm"packing such rounds unto Ballistas.The variety would certainly be much better. They are "ye olde D&D wicked realm", so they ought to have the ability to pay for great deals of them.They might then terminate dimension-tearing ballista rounds at stable prepared frameworks like castles, citadels and also maintains, in order to develop violations in their wall surfaces. That negates the "precision" problem. The gains from robbery whole countries that are powerless versus their siege innovation would definitely validate their expense.In a pinch, they could additionally be battery discharged at large frightening points, like dragons.So, all that being claimed, What are everybody"s ideas on the practicality, as well as prospective uses the Mobile Hole/Bag of Holding as an balista-based siege tool in a "common dream land" near you?