While talking to starlet Pamela Morris (Ann Blyth), writer Jordan Herrick (Lee Philips) makes a traumatic exploration. Especially, with carrying out

study and also conference with Pamela's "little girl" Viola Draper (Celia Lovsky), Herrick discovers that an Egyptian antique has actually protected against Pamela from aging-- at a major cost.Exploring the challenges of eternal life, "Queen of the Nile "should have appreciation for its provocative subject. Followers of The Golden Area might, nonetheless , slam this episode for its acquired facility as well as mean finale.Pros In comparison to Kevin McCarthy (understood for "Long Live Walter Jameson," a comparable access from period one), Ann Blyth represents a never-ceasing personality with ruthlessness, malignance, as well as neglect for other individuals-- a frightening glance at just how immortality could, in a theoretical situation, cause boundless corruption in those with unethical or self-centered tendencies.Cons (Spoilers past


factor)Disclosing that a scarab beetle

enables Pamela to swipe the young people of unwary males, "Queen of the Nile "take advantage of a creative spin in the last act. That being* claimed, the closing of this episode is ruined by 2 sensible problems. Initially, Herrick-- a clever and also sharp reporter-- falls short to speak to the authorities upon knowing of Pamela's key, selecting rather to threaten himself by challenging Pamela straight. Second, Pamela reveals no reluctance when making use of the beetle to drain pipes Herrick of his vital force-- an activity that, provided Herrick's placement at the time of his fatality, would likely trigger the cops to check out Pamela.Analysis Unlike Walter Jameson,

a male that watches his

eternal life as a fantastic problem, Pamela Morris heads out of her means to exist, rip off, and also eliminate in order to make it through forever-- a declaration on exactly how vain, life individuals could favor continuous presence, with or without function, over a significant however brief life.Concluding Remarks This offering ought to be applauded for its horror-themed

, mythological spin on a timeless collection trope. However, audiences might disagree with"Queen of the Nile"for its absence of justice in the last scene.Overall Top quality: 6/10 If you appreciated this message, please enter your e-mail address in the membership box to remain tuned for even more updates.