Kind: Area: Beginning Place: Award:
London Mom Aben - (136,155)

KEEP IN MIND: Prior To Beginning This Goal, Ensure You Have A SWORD In Your Supply. Go Buy One if You Are Not A Sword Individual. It Can Be Any Kind Of Sword.

Opening up Motion picture

Video clip Playthrough


Rate 1

Purpose: Comply with Mother Abena's Advice

From the cut scene, you can see she referrals prophets, and also what much better than "The Fallen King"

Head over to the Prophet at Coordinates (190,280).

Upon arrival, a cutscene will certainly play as well as progress you to Rate 2.

Rate 2

Purpose: Learn what's so unique regarding the rocks.

Click the huge mosaic on the ground.

After clicking, there will certainly be 12 unbending things on the objective and also the ground will certainly upgrade.

Goal: Comply with where the rocks lead.

You'll obtain a photo with a word on each if you connect with each rock.

From standing before "The Fallen King" encountering ahead, I designated a number worth per as adheres to… …


1: Space.

2: Space.

3: BELOW = Under

4: MAXIMUS = Famous

5: ARBOR =Tree

6: Space

7: ILLE = He

8: FLEVIT = Cried

9: ‘DIXIT = Said

10: ‘ INFERIUS = Reduced

11: SICUT = As

12: SUPERIUS'=Over

Amusing Note: I was looking at this for a ……little bit, the spouse is available in, as well as goes "That's discussing Jesus when he cried under the tree prior to … …. "( yea, I quit paying attention at regarding that factor. )Yet that made me go to the tree in Ealdwich park!

Head To Works With (147, 288) Under the huge tree to the north of the phase in Ealdwic Park as well as kind/ cry


Purpose: Comply with the courses of memory.

From right here, you'll see a radiant route, follow it. It'll take you down with the sewage systems and also all over. Simply maintain following it till you get to a door to get in the "Londinium Excavation".



Purpose: Discover the excavation.

As you reach completion, the goal will certainly upgrade to the following rate.

Rate 3


Goal: Examine the picture.

On the ground is a Busted sword handle. Utilize it.

The objective will certainly upgrade once more as soon as you choose it up.


Purpose: Total the photo.

Now, the goal anticipates you to finish the photo on the ground with 3 enigma items, 2 eye outlets as well as a mouth outlet. So, allow's discover to the appropriate

The Right Corridor……

There's fire. Take your time with below, fire, warm, it melts. When you reach completion, you'll see a bar, and also a Golden coin. Order the coin and also struck the bar for a lot easier escape.


The Left Corridor …

Order the lantern on your left as you make your method down the corridor. Head right into the dark area, direct via the Lingering Caretakers (they will not attack.)There's very little factor to stray off the straight course, so go straight till you pertain to the various other gold coin.

Get it, as well as head back out.



The Mouth Outlet

Take Apart the Sword Handle You Grabbed At The Beginning Of This Rate.


This is where it is necessary that you either are a sword customer, or have actually brought a sword! Incorporate the Mercurious Glyph , which was the outcome of damaging down the damaged handle, with any type of sword in video game to make the Mercurious Blade


Purpose: Continue More right into the holy place

As you go into, you'll see a big tablet computer with words: Latin: Consequuntur Veneris Alter, Alter Mercurii Cursus, in Infimoque Orbe Luna Radiis Solis Accensa Convertitur

Translation: Adhered to among Venus and also Mercury running and also, in the rays of the Sunlight, the Moon rotates, lighted ball still reduced


This remains in recommendation to Greco-Roman Astronomy, especially Ptolemy's 7 worldly balls, which is essentially the order the Romans saw our planetary system:

1. Moon> 2. Mercury> 3. Venus> 4. Sunlight> 5. Mars> 6. Jupiter> 7. Saturn.

So, the objective of this challenge is to light the Braziers in the appropriate order.

Based upon the translation, it is: Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sunlight.


3, 2, 1, 4

You will certainly begin with the back of the hall, before the covered door, encountering in the direction of the method you went into, the brazier before you (see photo listed below) is # 1. Trigger them in order 3, 2, 1, 4


Purpose: Go through the earthgate

As you go into the following area, the construct will certainly involve you. Assault him to obtain him to discontinue his strikes for a couple of secs then come close to the agartha site.


Your personality will certainly begin to rise, as if you are remembering right into the Agartha, however will certainly be disrupted by the construct. Proceed this for some time, returning as well as harming the construct to the portal trying to go into.


After a couple of turnings, the site will ultimately open up.

Goal: Complete the Roman Trip

When the portal opens up, the unbiased updates.


Purpose: Get in the portal

That finishes the goal, you'll wind up back in the Agartha! Finishing the objective will certainly obtain you your extremely own lantern to lug about! Great for beginning mad crowds of trustful European citizens and also melting apostates!


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