* The % Everyday Worth (DV) informs you just how much a nutrient in an offering of food adds to an everyday diet plan. 2,000 calories a day is utilized for basic nourishment recommendations.

Pictures There are 0 calories in 2 tablespoon(30 ml)of Starbucks Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup.Calorie malfunction: 0%fat, 100% carbohydrates, 0% protein.Related Syrup from Starbucks
: Hazelnut Syrup Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup Flavored SyrupSugar Free Hazelnut SyrupMocha SyrupVanilla Syruplocate extra starbucks syrup items Much more Productsfrom Starbucks: Cold Sugar Macchiato(Venti)Celebrity Beverage(Venti)Cold Matcha Environment-friendly Tea Cappucino(Grande)Cold Honey Oatmilk Cappucino( Grande)Unicorn Cake Pop check out all starbucks items Various Other Kinds of Syrup: Pancake Syrup (DecreasedCalorie )Delicious Chocolate Syrup Honey SyrupPancake Syrup watch a lot more syrup dietaryinformation*


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