Joon Jae (Lee Minutes Ho) silences Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) stresses over his objectives with an enthusiastic kiss.




* Later Joon Jae desires for Dae Youthful launching the desire lights over the water to attract the mermaid approximately the surface area so she can be captured. Joon Jae wakes contacting us to the mermaid from the previous Se Hwa. If he's alright, Sim Chung is there as well as asks. He hugs her, eased she's alright. He informs her he had a terrifying desire. He confesses he remains in brand-new region that he takes care of a person as well as he hesitates that he might shed them. If the individual he cares for is Se Hwa, Sim Chung asks. He chuckles. She asks that this Se Hwa is. He laughes appreciating that Sim Chung is uninformed that she's inquiring about the previous variation of herself. He validates Se Hwa is rather. If she's as rather, Sim Chung asks. Joon Jae laughes as claims that Se Hwa is Sim Chung. She does not comprehend. She begins to make her method to the loft space yet Joon Jae quits her and also attract her to his bed for a snuggle. She questions the kiss. He kisses her gently. The various other kiss and also this kiss is actual. He informs her to visit rest as well as maintain the negative desires away. She's stired and also suches as the repercussions of frightening dreams.After Joon Jae

wanders to rest, Sim Chung delicately leaves the bed. She heads to the outdoors deck where she commemorates Joon Jae liking her. Every structure she considers brighten. Her heart defeats with delight. She really feels solid and also exhilarated.Joon Jae's mommy makes

Ahn Jin Joo relaxing tea. Ahn Jin Joo asks her what's the issue? Why was she alcohol consumption alone in her area? Remember Joon Jae's mom saw Joon Jae's dad at the health center the other day, though he did not see her as a result of his stopping working vision( Joon Jae's mommy does not understand concerning his clinical problem). Joon Jae's mom confesses she saw her ex-husband the other day and also he did not recognize her despite the fact that they secured gazes. She does not recognize why he took a look at her like she was a complete stranger. Ahn Jin Joo bursts out the a glass of wine as well as states they require to consume alcohol with each other. Ahn Jin Joo confesses she imitated an intoxicated jerk before her close friend yet had not been recognized. Ahn Jin Joo claims this good friend took her close friend's spouse in the past. That obtains Joon Jae's mommy's interest. Ahn Jin Joo proceeds that the initial other half was repelled without spousal support. That obtains Joon Jae's mom's focus. Ahn Jin Joo proceeds that nobody where the initial other half is. Joon Jae's mommy looks at Ahn Jin Joo and also asks which household is she discussing. Ahn Jin Joo trusts that Heo Il Joong(Joon Jae's daddy)is the abundant household she's referencing. Joon Jae's mom can not think it. Ahn Jin Joo worries that she as well as her hubby are being eliminated of their newest property bargain despite the fact that they continually rewarded them with side meals. Joon Jae's mom can not think her food preparation mosted likely to her ex-husband. Search engine optimization Hee asks Joon Jae's papa's attorney to validate that he changed the will to leave every little thing to herself and also her boy Chi Hyeon( that is not a naturally pertaining to Joon Jae's daddy ). The legal representative specifies that a tiny stipulation needs to be delegated Joon Jae or he might respond to reverse the will as well as file a claim against. Search engine optimization Hee states there's will not be a counter fit. Hmm, I take that to imply she prepares to inform Dae Youthful to eliminate Joon Jae. The attorney concerns. Search engine optimization Hee guarantee the attorney all will certainly go as prepared as well as he'll be well made up for the fraudulence he is carrying out on her husband.The attorney provides the modified will certainly to Joon Jae's daddy. He can not review it however is guaranteed it is as he asked for.

The legal representative overviews Joon Jae's dad's hand to authorize the will certainly with his seal at the correct area. Chi Hyeon quietly observes this from the open door to the workplace. He leaves. The legal representative grins. Deceptive will is currently lawfully authorized by Joon Jae's father.Sim Chung is delighted as well as delighted. She repositions the furnishings a lot to Jo Nam Doo's shock. Joon Jae laughes at Sim Chung's woozy ideas. She delegates obtain pasta for morning meal. The smile on her face is brilliant as the sunlight. She aids individuals along the road. Her extremely stamina is available in handy!Jo Nam Doo as well as Tae O question what's taking Sim Chung as long. Joon Jae hears her woozy ideas as well as recognizes she's virtually residence. He informs them she'll exist in min. When Sim Chung goes through the door Jo Nam Doo as well as Tae O look at Joon Jae not recognizing exactly how he recognized Sim Chung was near. If Joon Jae has telepathy with Sim Chung, Jo Nam Doo amusingly asks. If you just recognized, Nam Doo, if you just understood.* Over morning meal Jo Nam Doo states he's obtained a brand-new target for them to seek. Sim Chung offers him the bad eye. Jo Nam Doo guarantees her their brand-new target has actually injured individuals by scamming them and also they are repaying for individuals. Joon Jae maintains the pledge he made Sim Chung and also informs a stunned Jo Nam Doo and also Tae O that he will not be functioning this fraud. He grins at Sim Chung. She grins back. Good that he maintained his word!Jo Nam Doo talks with Joon Jae as well as asks what's taking place. Joon Jae disclosed their address to the cops. Are Joon Jae as well as Investigator Hong friends currently? Jo Nam Doo does not recognize just how their ten years connection is exceeded by Joon Jae's 3 month partnership with Sim Chung. Joon Jae claim he guaranteed Sim Chung. Jo Nam Doo advises Joon Jae that he assured they would certainly collaborate up until he located his mommy. Jo Nam Doo does not such as Joon Jae's top priority change. When brand-new ones come along, Jo Nam Doo informs Joon Jae it is incorrect to fail to remember old pals. Jo Nam Doo asks Joon Jae if he as well as Sim Chung came under the swimming pool, that would certainly Joon Jae conserve initially? Joon Jae grins as well as states he would certainly conserve Jo Nam Doo initially. Ha, he also jokes that Sim Chung would certainly conserve him. Jo Nam Doo asks what Joon Jae would certainly do regarding Tae O, the web boy wonder that Joon Jae drew from Japan. Their discussion is disrupted by a phone call from Investigator Hong. Joon Jae entrusts to fulfill Investigator Hong. Jo Nam Doo can not think what he's seeing.The cops satisfy Joon Jae at the auto Dae Youthful deserted after the aborted kidnapping of Sim Chung. The automobile is wiped tidy.

The only point in the auto is the pink octopus Joon Jae won for Sim Chung. Joon Jae asks the authorities to browse near by wastebasket. Then Joon Jae understands while Dae Youthful put in the time to get rid of all traces of himself from the vehicle, he could not have actually done the exact same at the deserted healthcare facility he took Sim Chung to. Joon Jae remembers the barrel of water. Joon Jae remembers the previous variation of Dae Youthful browsing the water for the mermaid. Does he recognize that Dae Youthful thinks that Sim Chung is a mermaid?Joon Jae's mommy informs Ahn Jin Joo she wishes to stop. Ahn Jin Joo is not pleased. If she desires to leave their house, Cha Si A recommends the Ahn Jin Joo allow her go. Ahh

Jin Joo asks Joon Jae's mommy to remain till they locate a substitute. Joon Jae's mommy concurs. Cha Si An informs both females she will certainly message them an address as well as they need to fulfill her there later on today. She leaves. Both Ahn Jin Joo and also Joon Jae's mom question what she's planning.While Joon Jae's mom strolls to the address her handbag is taken by a motorcyclist. Sim Chung runs the burglar down and also gets the bag. Joon Jae's mommy is thankful for her returned handbag.

She intends to return Sim Chung's compassion. Sim Chung informs her it was immaterial as well as strides away. Joon Jae's mom enjoys her do-gooder go questioning that she is. We see the motorcyclist cuffed to a light blog post. Ha! Transform your mind off and also do not ask where Sim Chung obtained the manacles. Joon Jae's mommy fulfills Cha Si A that gripes that she's late. Joon Jae's mom asks where they are. Cha Si A describes they go to her boyfriend-to-be's residence. Joon Jae's mommy is amazed to discover her do-gooder in your house.

Cha Si A clarifies that the lady operates at her residence. Joon Jae's mommy clarifies that Sim Chung conserved her from the burglar. Sim Chung takes the bags of grocery stores from Joon Jae's mom as well as heads to the kitchen.Cha Si A gets in Joon Jae's area as well as leaves a bundle on his night table with the note clarifying the bundle consists of the info on Dam Ryung. She notes they look alike. She identifies a photo of Joon Jae as well as his mom.

She muses that his mom is quite. Then it strikes her, she saw a photo of Joon Jae in her home(in Joon Jae's mommy's space). She considers the image once again. She informs herself this has to be a coincidence, individuals in both photos just look alike. She does not resemble she totally thinks what she's informing herself. Joon Jae asks Investigator Hong what type of therapy Dae Youthful got at the health center. Bipolar affective disorder therapy and also prescriptions is the solution. Joon Jae questions that is supplying the prescriptions to Dae Youthful currently. Investigative Hong consents to examine it out.

Allow's state the evident, Joon Jae is a far better private investigator than Investigator Hong! After Joon Jae leaves the vehicle, Investigative Hong informs his companion that they are just making use of Joon Jae as lure to catch Dae Young.Cha Si A gazes the lady she assumes can be Joon Jae's mommy. She remembers Jo Nam Doo informing her that Joon Jae's mom has actually been missing out on for several years which she went away without a trace. She enjoys the repore in between Joon Jae's mommy as well as Sim Chung. She goes into the cooking area. Joon Jae's mom asks when her guy will certainly be house.

If she's speaking regarding … yet Cha Si A cover Sim's Chung's mouth prior to she can state Joon Jae's name, Sim Chung asks. Cha Si An informs Joon Jae's mom they require to leave. Cha Si A hurries Joon Jae's mom outdoors. She snoops Joon Jae turning up the actions to your house. She rushes Joon Jae's mommy in the contrary instructions as well as right into her cars and truck. If their housemaid has a child, Joon Jae questions who that was as the automobile drives away.When Cha Si A returns house she asks Ahn Jin Joo. This is validated. Ahn Jin Joo remembers that the kid is excellent considering mosted likely to a specific institution. Cha Si A droops recognizing her uncertainties are validated. She remembers her disrespect to Joon Jae's mom. She mosts likely to Joon Jae's mom area as well as look at the photo on her night table. If the young boy in the image is her boy, when Joon Jae's mom enters her area Cha Si A asks. Joon Jae's mommy verifies this. If she can call her mommy, Cha Si A asks. Startled, the noticeable concern is asked, why? Cha Si A declares that she might be like her mommy. Cha Si A thinks about informing Joon Jae's mom the fact however proclaims she'll inform her later. Joon Jae's mom looks at the image of her previous household. Joon Jae asks Sim Chung concerning Dae Youthful's kidnapping her. If Dae Youthful obtained water, he asks. Sim Chung validates this. He asks why. Sim Chung Believes that Dae Youthful recognizes that she's a mermaid from a desire and also desired concrete evidence however she does not wish to inform Joon Jae. Allowing her off the hook, Joon Jae claims that she does not require to address if it raises undesirable memories. He hugs her. Sim Chung believes she's frightened that Dae Youthful recognizes her key. Joon Jae states that she does not need to be terrified. He informs her this will certainly not be a repeat of the past. She hugs him back. She does not inquire about his declaration regarding the previous duplicating itself. Why not?Joon Jae's papa phones call to Search engine optimization Hoo, his partner. He strolls down the hall and also journeys down the stairways while Search engine optimization Hee sees. Chi Hyeon locate Joon Jae's daddy at the end of the staircases. He sees his mommy on top of the staircases. He calls the Aide as well as claims daddy has actually fallen down. Why really did not he call emergency situation services?At the healthcare facility Chi Hyeon gains from the physician the surgical treatment worked out. Chi Hyeon mosts likely to Joon Jae's papa's side. He believes he's desired yet just listens to Joon Jae's name from dad's lips. He leaves stunned. His mommy sees him stride down the hallway.At residence, Chi Hyeon burns all the images of himself and also papa. He has a significant view his face. The

songs signals this is a dark minute for this personality. Joon Jae reviews the info regarding Dam Ryung. When his watercraft ousting him sank, it shows up Dam Ryung passed away. Dam Ryung dreams of the mermaid Se Hwa coming to save him. He questions if his previous equivalent had the ability to shield the mermaid he loved.Sim Chung locates Joon Jae and also proclaims that today she discovered that puppy love for a male is a stamp on his heart.

She states that Se Hwa was Joon Jae's puppy love. He claims she's obtained it incorrect. She proceeds proclaiming that puppy love does not last. He gazes right into her eyes. Little Bit does Sim Chung understand that she simply stated their love difficult. Dae Youthful beverages alone in his area. He approves a telephone call from Search engine optimization Hoo. She scolds him for kidnapping a lady and also not dealing with Joon Jae. He discusses he saw an imagine his previous life that included her, Joon Jae as well as the woman he abducted. Dae Youthful states that lady he abducted was a mermaid. Search engine optimization Hoo informs him he requires to return on his drug. She informs him they are close to the goal.

If he removes Joon Jae, then the 3 of them(Dae Youthful, Search Engine Optimization Hoo and also Chi Hyeon)can cohabit. She informs him to neglect the desire. He claims he'll do as she stated. You do not think him as well as I do not think him either. Joon Jae informs his medical professional concerning his dreams.Detective Hong's companion informs Investigative Hong Dae Youthful's physician was Teacher Jin. Wait a min, is Joon Jae's physician Teacher Jin?Joon Jae informs his physician he requires to finish his desire. The physician stresses that finishing the desire has a distressing threat. Joon Jae agrees to take the risk.Dae Youthful strolls down the healthcare facility corridor. He quits at Teacher Jin's door.Professor Jin

places Joon Jae under hypnotherapy. Recall …

Dam Ryung understands he can no more remain his end. He informs his aide they will certainly reunite as pals. He is bring about the expatriation watercraft. The

King's guard accompanies him. Dae Youthful has actually the citizens triggered desire lights while he and also the angler giant for mermaids. Se Hwa sees the dream lights which are the well-known signal in between herself and also Dam Ryung. She swims in the direction of the surface area.

Dam Ryung sees the moon be covered by the clouds. He sees the dream lights. Dae Youthful sees the mermaid. The webs are tossed right into the water. Dam Ryung asks that the watercraft be reversed. His demand is rejected. He attracts a sword. The soldiers attract their swords. Dam Ryung states if he can not shield one of the most essential individual in his life, there's absolutely nothing to live for. The King's guard orders the swords went down as well as the watercraft reversed.