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There when was a lady from Nantucket ... that went across the sea in a container and also when she obtained therethey requested the fareso she drew
up her gown as well as claimed fuck it: evilgrin: Printer Friendly|Permalink

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am I the just one below that values filthy limericks? Printer Pleasant |
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# 1 2. It ' s your titan trademark that ' s terrifying them away.

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4. I assume you ' re right Printer Pleasant |

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message 3. There as soon as

was a male from Nantucket. with a cock as long he might draw it He stated with
a smile, as he whipped off his chinIf my ear were a cunt I would certainly fuck it !! Printer Friendly|Permalink|| Leading da_chimperor(1000+articles)Send out
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3 5. Heh, I like it. Printer Pleasant|Permalink|| Leading DU AdBot(1000+ messages)*
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