The episode begins with the Poise vs Janey fatality suit from the previous episode. Poise states she recognizes what fatality preferences like, having actually done this previously. If it was hard functioning with Janey, Yang Dong Geun asks Elegance. Poise is polite and also states that it's typically hard dealing with somebody when removal gets on the line.During methods

, Janey informs Poise that she's pissed off at Poise for selecting her. Poise counters that she had not been pissed when Kassy selected her. That's simply component of the video game. Elegance does not recognize why Janey is pissed,"Does she believe she's excellent? "Janey obtains pissed at Poise once again for generating beats that Elegance is proficient at. Uh? Is Elegance intended to just prepare beats that she draws at? Does Janey truthfully believe that's a sensible assumption? The girls rap versus a Slim Shady defeated which is simply excellent for Poise that eliminates it with her motions and also Grazy style. All the women place their hands up in the air. Throughout Janey's turn, the girls gaze like they're awaiting Janey to do something apart from her generally squeaky rap.Now the various other 10 rap artists reach elect that to remove. Janey is looking certain

. Miryo elects to get rid of Janey. Janey's laugh is gone. Nada elect Janey. Yuk Jidam certainly choose Janey. Jeon Soyeon elects Janey. Gigantic Pink elect Janey. Another ballot as well as Janey is gone. Ha Jooyeon chooses Poise. What?! Euna Kim chooses Janey as well as it's a cover. Janey's sobbing pails,"I functioned truly difficult. This is so unjust. "Waa waa. Weep me a river. I still do not really feel poor for her. She's come off as so arrogant the whole program as well as it would not eliminate her to discover to be extra simple, specifically given that she's bad at all.The girls reach relax at a little hotel. It's a swimming pool celebration. All the girls appear actually close since they're having a good time and also not needing to complete for as soon as. The video camera focuses on Nada's boobs. Elegance resembles,"Unnie, your boobs are so huge."Nada recognizes what the followers desire. Huge Pink is all covered and also the women tease her for clothing like a granny.An intoxicated male hollers. Oh wait, it's simply Yang Dong Geun approaching the hotel with a watermelon. The women are fretted that implies there's an additional objective ... as well as they're right. Yang Dong Geun requires midterm examinations. All the women need to choose the most awful and also finest rap artists, yet can not elect themselves. Both worst rap artists will certainly enter into a fatality suit. The girls resemble, "Once more ?! "The outcomes remain in. Best to worst is Jeon Soyeon → Titan Pink → Yuk Jidam → Nada → Miryo → Elegance → Ash-B → Euna Kim → Ha Jooyeon. The last 2 have to leave the hotel

right away to go method for their suit. It's depressing enjoying Euna Kim and also Ha Jooyeon winning their suitcases.The remainder of the women reach have barbeque as well as beverages, with the exception of Jeon Soyeon that's underage. Threatening songs plays. A person's below. It's R&B musician Dean. All the girls are so dehydrated. Poise resembles,"Thanks!"Titan Pink pokes fun at whatever Dean states. He resembles a little lamb amongst wolves. Dean generates 2 tracks. Track 5 has a difficult hip jump beat as well as Track 6 attributes Suran. The girls ask him to remain over night. The manufacturers not intending to squander this possibility for dramatization promptly allowed him recognize there's an extra space. Dean simply asks and also chuckles where the shower room is. Gigantic Pink stands up to rest beside Dean. She simply looks dreamily at him.The next early morning, the ladies obtain arised up by the"She's Coming."No compose Nada looks practically the very same, yet I hardly identified Titan Pink.The initially goal is a group fight. The women need to picked whether they'll complete for Track 5 or Track 6. Jeon Soyeon obtains initially select considering that she was

in top place for midterm examinations. Track 6 has to do with love, so Child Jeon Soyeon certainly chooses Track 5. Huge Pink desires

to selected Track 5 since that's the design she's proficient at, yet she goes with Track 6 considering that Dean informed her it fits her well. After numerous scene of MNET pointlessly attempting to fool the customers regarding that selected which track, they reveal that Yuk Jidam, Nada, and also Elegance likewise went with Track 6 while Miryo as well as Ash-B picked Track 5. Track 5: Miryo is fretted about facing Jeon Soyeon. She seems like she hasn't had the ability to totally display her abilities yet. She ranges herself so she can concentrate. 6 hrs later on it's program time. Miryo does her, "M-m-m-miryo rap once again."Jeon Soyeon appears suitable, however it isn't anything we have not listened to currently.

Ash-B slurs her verses, and also fails to remember several of them as well. Dean states he likes their total ambiance. 2 of the rap artists reach proceed to the 2nd goal. Dean selects Miryo and also Jeon Soyeon.Track 6: Yuk Jidam's ascertained. Large Pink and also Poise envy of exactly how great Yuk Jidam goes to composing and also remembering verses. Throughout the efficiency Nada is all right, yet flubs her verses a little bit. Elegance brings her particular beauty. Huge Pink neglects her verses once again! Dean picks Yuk Jidam and also Grace.The 2 victors from each track carry on to the 2nd leg of the objective.

It's efficiencies before a real-time audience.Track 5-- Round 2: Miryo actually desires the win. Mosaic of Miryo thinking of lots of suggestions for the Track 5 efficiency. Jeon Soyeon states she understands exactly how severely Miryo desires this, however she's not mosting likely to pull back. The efficiency coincides rap from rounded one yet with Dean this moment around.

Miryo appears beautiful strong.Track 6-- Round 2: The target market actually appears to such as Poise. Previous periods of revealed that it isn't the most effective rap artist, however the rap artist with a fascinating personality that obtains popular. I really hope Poise has the ability to transform her job to being a selection celebrity like Jessi. She appears gifted as well as actually pleasant, although her ability depends on vocal singing and also not rapping.Dean suches as Jeon Soyeon's circulation however believe's Miryo's rap fits the track much better. Miryo obtains the track.

Aww she looks so pleased. Miryo actually suches as the ring.Now for the 6th track. Dean selects Yuk Jidam for being a lot more straight with her verses. He discovers her rap rejuvenating. Elegance is dissatisfied. Yuk Jidam attempts to place the ring on her third finger. Dean's like,"Uh no … allow's choose the center finger."LOL.Now we reach see the fatality suit in between Euna Kim and also Ha Jooyeon.

Both are gon na fight it out in front of the very same target market for the Tracks 5 & 6 mission.Ha Jooyeon raps on "Bang Bang."She does her finest idolizer rapping, which is remarkably respectable. She does her trademark squat and also strut. Euna Kim goes with an additional psychological rap. There's absolutely nothing incorrect with doing what you're efficient. The removal is based off of target market ballots. It's 151 ballots vs 101 ballots. That won

? Euna Kim! YEP! She's my preferred underdog.Like constantly MNET plays the depressing history songs as Ha Jooyeon strolls off phase, although I make certain a great deal of individuals more than happy regarding Ha Jooyeon ultimately obtaining started. Since all the noticeable weak spots are gone, that's gon na obtain removed following?