What Does CHU Mean? CHU suggests "You."The acronym CHU is a casual, jargon means of stating "you." It has the very same significance as CHOO. Using CHOO or CHU most likely originates from terms such as "Consider You," in which completion of "At" and also words "You" make a "choo" noise. h2 Recap of Secret Things h2 "You" is one of the most usual interpretation for solid CHU on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as TikTok. CHU tr Meaning: You tr Kind: td Vernacular Word (Lingo) td Guessability: td imager_1_2265_700.jpg" alt="*" 3: Guessable td Normal Individuals: td Young Adults as well as grownups td tr table Photo for CHU When I compose CHU , I indicate this: b div style="text-align: center" div CHU suggests "You." h2 Even more ... h2 Instances of CHU in Sentences Below are instances of CHU being utilized in discussions: Tim: What CHU entered your hand?Reece: Just your little change.Candice: Are you truly heading out appearing like that?Sarah: What CHU assume? Many thanks for the ballot of self-confidence! An Academic Consider CHU h2 The acronym CHU is a pronoun (I, me, you, he, she, herself, it, that, a person, everyone, and so on) A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun, i.e., a "identifying" word. In the sentence "Nick saw Julie, and also he swung at her," the pronouns "he" as well as "her" replace Nick and also Julie, specifically. What Did We State prior to Texting as well as Social Network? Prior to the electronic period, we could have claimed something like "you" as opposed to CHU. Aid United States To Boost Cyber Definitions b Do you differ with something on this page?Did you find a typo?Did you recognize a jargon term that we"ve missed?Please inform us utilizing this type. See Additionally h2 2U (To You)4U (For You)AYO (Hey You)CHU (You)EYO (Hey, You)HEYO (Hey You)HEYY (Hey You)NOU (No, You)U (You)U2 (You Also)CHOO (You) imager_4_2265_700.jpg" alt="*" div what-does-chu-mean-in-texting div style="text-align: center" Much more intriguing things ... pc gaming termsgrooming the vulnerablehistory of the hashtagdrug abuselanguage of love"message talk" testnumbers in textingevolution of LOLevolution of the SELFIEcoronavirus terms