I opted for the Oriole egg path given that she informed me not inform any person, so I didn'& #x 27; t, and also besides that, the much more the mission took place the guy appeared even more strangely consumed with her, like stalker-levels consumed so I assumed informing him anything would terribly backfire taking into consideration just how she responds to him.I picked the

finishing where the man volunteers to take the spell. It was a little bit frustrating, as well pleased ending-ish. I anticipated him to become a bird. Was anticipating a grey result whatever you pick like a great deal of witcher quests.Not every little thing needs to

be grey, satisfied end results are often great and also we #x & put on 27; t understand what would certainly take place in the future, if he would certainly begin obtaining those signs and symptoms months from currently Tbh straightforward I located the only 7 years to live one

to be flawlessly Grimm (as well as if you informed the guy concerning it completely, dark as well as dickish)I opted for Guilliame offering to take menstruation, was not dissappointed.This is what I such as regarding BaW: even more missions of the "gladly ever before after"range.

Yet it additionally makes good sense in Tuissant:)just how do you obtain the person to offer to take menstruation? I assumed my routine finishing was the only finishing lol.Also is the

champ you combat ultimately a recommendation to the hill in GoT ?? Comparable name, huge man that vouched a pledge of silence exactly how do you obtain the individual to offer to take menstruation? I believed my routine finishing was the only finishing lol.Well,

bear in mind exactly how she informed you to inform no one?Well you inform him anyways, he & #x 27; ll be leaping at the possibility to do it, also if it indicates that he may pass away or be for life

stuck as a bird which beat the function of experiencing all of it for the broad.It actually relies on just how you really feel regarding maintaining the key, geralt does state that he agrees to damage it as he chooses as well as

you are a gotten witcher, on the various other hand a quite lady asked you to maintain a trick, sooooo Ultimately I informed him, so since I discovered it rather cool down of him to assist me on a quarrel, I was under an agreement with him, as well as she

reached really have a life and also not a ticking clock.Also is the champ you combat ultimately a recommendation to the hill in GoT ?? Comparable name, large individual that promised a pledge of silence So I #x & wasn 27; t the just one

assuming it then.5 Reply Share ReportSave Proceed this string degree 1 · 5y Chose egg ending.Other finishing really felt also satisfied. Not that I #x & put on 27; t mind satisfied

closings in'the Witcher yet this was as well great to be real imo.My headcanon in
the & #x 27; real love & #x 27; finishing is that the

lady would certainly & #x 27
; ve left him anyhow as soon as he changed right into the bird type. One significant factor for that is she struck me as vain as well as exceptionally chilly considering that she did not also thank him in the

egg finishing in spite of owing her brand-new life to Guillamane & #x 27; s sensations. All this and also'she just considered the flexibility to #x & participate in 27; spheres & #x 27; and also & #x 27; dancings & #x 27; and also do whatever she wanted. That & #x 27; s simply harsh on the knight, also if he & #x 27; s a little bit strangely compulsive as well as goofy.And so, if she can & #x 27; t take care of those conditions, I question she can deal with Guillamane & #x 27; s' scenarios. When individuals make enjoyable of their family members and also Guillamane can not execute his obligations as a knight or partner, envision her track record. She did not discover the bird kind eye-catching, either.That suggests'that our knight will certainly be left all alone on the planet as a depressing, unfortunate bird incapable to do his work or discover love.Thus, the egg finishing provides her liberty for 7 years while Guillamane reaches mature as an individual. It & #x 27; s really the minimal wickedness, imo.