You have actually been employed to develop a family-friendly see-saw. Your style will certainly include a consistent board (mass M= 11 kg: size L = 3.2 m) that can be relocated to make sure that the pivot is a range d from the facility of the board. This will certainly enable cyclists to accomplish fixed stability also if they are of various mass, as many people are. You have actually chosen that each cyclist will certainly be placed to make sure that his/her center of gravity will certainly be a range xoffset = 19 centimeters from completion of the board when seated as revealed. You have actually picked a kid of mass m1 = 23 kg (revealed on the right), and also a grownup of mass m2 = 87 kg (revealed left wing) to examine out your model. Identify the range d in meters. Figure out the size of the pressure applied on the pivot factor by the see-saw while being used in newtons.


Component (a) Identify the range d in meters

Component (b) Figure out the size of the pressure put in on the pivot factor by the see-saw while in operation in newtons

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